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Feb. 15th, 2011

Title: The Dalton Boys: Chapter 1
Words: 1788
Rating: PG for now
Pairing: Baineofsky. With some splashes of Kaline, Kurtofsky, maybe others.
Spoilers: Canon up to Dave's Expulsion in Furt. He isn't re-instated, and he's gotta get an education somewhere... I may have gotten some inspiration from some hilarious jokes about The Stepford Wives
Warning: None as of right now.
Summary: After threatening another students life, David Karofsky is sent to a private all boy's school, with hopes from his family that he'd shape up from his destructive ways. But this highly polished school has a deep secrete to keep their boys in line.

It’s not like he was going to get help. David Karofsky was on his own to unload his belongings while his father stood by with his arms crossed, rambling something about the things he’d learn being away from home. Once he had everything on the curb in front of the large school that was reminiscent of the one in ’10 Things I Hate About You.” He father was giving him a hart hand shake and some sort of mumbled goodbye that probably had a meaning behind it that equated to “Don’t fuck this up too,” followed by a grunt, and a nod. In seconds, Paul Karofsky was in his over-priced vehicle and pulling away. As the SUV drove down the long parkway, Dave stood watching, looking something like a small child being left behind, instead he was a large hockey player being forced into a private school over two hours from home.

Once he knew he was really stuck there, the hulking boy turned and started to gather his bags. He found the stack of papers he’d been given and told to read in order to find the map of the winding school and which room he needed to find. He quickly found the information he needed and started towards where his new so-called life would be.

He somehow managed to drag two wheeled pieces of luggage, his hockey bag and a few other bags that hung around him while balancing the stack of papers. Of course, they ended up in his mouth while he punched the ‘up’ button to the elevator. He only stumbled once getting on the elevator, having issues with the large gap trying to trap the wheel of one of his bags.

“Stupid…” he mumbled obstinacies under his breathe before finally settling in to the small room that would take him up to the fifth floor of dorms.

In the end it took him less than fifteen minutes to find his room, thought by the time he was near the door he was dragging most of his belongings. His room was the furthest from the elevator bank, though it was right next to the stairwell. He’d be getting a lot of exercise going up and down stairs in only to avoid the damn elevator.

There was a key in his pocket. At this point he’d given up trying to balance everything and just dropped all of his bags and luggage at his feet, digging his hand into his pocket to fish out the small metal key he’d been give in the dean’s office. A moment later the door was open and he was carrying and kicking all of his belongings into the room. It was empty, though he had been informed that he would have a roommate. Dave was extremely thankful that he didn’t have to deal with meet and greets while had had a pile of belongings at his feet he had to put away.


He had to actually unpack and put away shit. He also had an appointment in the basement of this hellhole for him to get his uniforms.

Double Fuck.

There was a bed that was neatly made with sporadic items to he side table. The other bed was bare. A deep sigh erupted form his throat and he fell backwards onto the uncovered mattress. “Someone kill me now, please?” He grumbled into the empty room. After a few calming breathes for his irritation, he sat up and stared at the pile on the floor.

It didn’t take him long to unpack his cloths. He had only brought a few pairs of jeans, some jerseys and T-shirts so he didn’t have to wear the damn uniform all the time, and the rest of the essentials.

He threw a small bag of toiletries into his side table, not trusting his unknown roommate with his razor. His sister had liked to use it in the past and he always ended up with razor burn after he shaved her damn legs. He hid all of his bathroom supplies after that. Finally he only had his hockey bag and a guitar case left. The hockey bag stayed unopened and was stuffed into the back of his closet on the floor. He planned on finding a local league since this school apparently didn’t believe in sports in any way.

The jock heard the door wiggle as the lock was turned and his head looked up from his organization with a few extra pieces of underwear he’d stuffed into the wrong bag. When the door sounded that someone had entered he looked back to his task at hand. He was hoping that he’d be able to hold off on introductions till he was finished settling into the room. Unfortunate for him the arrival paused at the foot of his bed. Dave still didn’t look up. “Oh I’m so glad that you are getting settled so quickly!” The voice was somewhat soothing, but the jock was still irritated that he’d been interrupted in his goal of being unpacked and put away before his appointment with the uniform seamstress.

“It’s so wond—“ The other boy stopped speaking as Dave turned and glared at his roommate. “Oh. Well—”

“You have got to be fucking joking.” Dave got up, towering over the other boy. Every fiber of his being told him he should just start hitting him. How could this be his luck that not only did he get kicked out of school, losing his friends and any chance at a sporting based scholarship out of the god forsaken state, he was roomed with the uniformed kid with the fucked-up helmet hair that tried to help Fancy out Dave in the middle of the quad.

And then he remembered all the rules he’d been given, how he’d been specifically told more than once to keep his hands and shoulders to himself. Not to mention the thick bounded book of rules he’d tossed on his bed that still needed to be made. He pulled away quickly from the boy he’d been ready to pounce on. Baline stood back once Dave was far enough away and went to his corner of the room. Dave continued to glare at the boy in his navy uniform.

“This is ridiculous.” Dave mumbled to himself. He grabbed his paperwork and walked to the door, remembering to grab his keys before he went thought he door.

“You’re not going to get a room change if that is what you are going to try and attend to.” Blaine was basically hiding in the corner. At least he was smart enough to know he’d pissed the bigger boy off.

“I’m not an idiot. ‘Told me I was lucky to get a room.” He glanced back for a moment. “Uniform.” He grunted before he slammed the door behind him.

The fitting, or whatever it was, didn’t take nearly as long as Dave had hoped it would. The old lady in the small room full of the same freaking cloths took a few measurements when he walked in without making too many comments. Mostly it was “raise your arm” or “legs apart, I need to take your inseam.” She wasn’t grumpy, but she wasn’t very friendly either.

In less than a half hour Dave was armed with seven uniforms and instructions to bring down the soiled cloths every Friday for cleaning and pressing. Dave tried to be a nice as possible, nodding his head, letting his lip curl in the corners to show his appreciation. He didn’t really appreciate it, though. The material was nice enough that it didn’t make him itchy when he tried them on, but it still felt constricting in the pleated pants and blazer.

The tie was probably the worst part of it, being that Dave had always hated to wear ties no matter the occasion. He’d even manage dot talk his way out of wearing one to his sister wedding the year prior. That wasn’t nearly as hard as a few other occasions. He was the baby brother and Jenny let him get away with just about anything. Maybe they just had an odd relationship.

When he was finally at the dorm room door, Dave pulled out his keys and opened the door, praying that his new roommate wouldn’t be there. Unfortunate for him, Blaine was sitting on his bed in what Dave assumed was pajamas, his knees propped up as a resting place for a large book. Dave averted his eyes and shuffled into the room, hanging his new weekday cloths in his closet.

When he finally felt as if he were as close to settled as he could be, his bed finally made and everything put away, Dave grabbed his iPod and put on Rise Against as he had been doing for over a week. The burly boy leaned over and grabbed a book, Grendel, which he’d decided to buy when he found out he’d been expelled from McKinnley. He’d actually gotten into the story and since he’d had to give back all of his schoolbooks, he had to find a way to finish the book.

“Grendel?” Dave could hear the voice through the acoustic guitar in his ears.

The jock pulled down his headphones and looked at Blaine. “Why?” he glared. He still really wanted to punch the other boy.

Blaine looked at him for a moment, analyzing him. Dave couldn’t help but notice that his hair was rather wild without all that extra crap in it. “I’m just curious is all.” Blaine placed a bookmarker into the page he’d been reading and set the large textbook at the foot of his bed. “I read this book last year in my old school.” He turned slightly to face Dave a bit better.

Dave didn’t move from his position on the bed. He kept his head turned, his eyes bolted to the brunette across the room. “We were half done.” He offered, his voice gruff, forcing himself not to get up and break his roommates jaw. This was going to be a feeling he’d have to get used to apparently, wanting to pummel the same person he had to sleep in a room with. “I wasn’t sure if we’d get the chance to read it here and I wanted to know how it ended.” Content with his own answer, Dave turned back to his reading material.

An hour later Dave’s eyes were exhausted and after the day he had, he was ready to fall asleep even if it was rather early for him. He set the book on his nightstand and set his alarm he’d been supplied with.

He said nothing to Blaine before falling asleep in the half lit room.