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Cars Land <3

I got to go to Cars Land on Friday. One of my best friends is a cast member and took me with her because she's awesome. We got to walk down Buena Vista street where we looked at as much detail as we could. The car when you first enter on the left is Dick Tracy's car, which was really cool. his hat and a newspaper about him was inside, as well asa violin case, though I'm sure a violin wasn't inside :-) We couldn't go into any of the shops because everything was still being put together. We say a few 'residents,' including Fifi the photographer, office blue, and a woman who lives on the street and always takes out her dog for a walk. I didn't get to see the news boys which I was a bit bummed about, but I did get to see Mickey, who was all done up in pants, suspenders, and a hat; very 1920's-esque, just as it should be. That's the whole point of Buena Vista Street. It's all set up to look just like Hollywood when Walt got to California. In front of what will be a beautiful sitting cirle and across from Carthay was a statue. It was still covered and I think it'll be unveiled on friday with the grand re-opening, but it's a statue of Walt in his 20's with Mickey on his suit case in his younger years. I'm very excited about this.

We started at Luigi's. It was a lot of fun, modeled after the air ride scae saucers that used to be located in Tomorrowland in the 1970's. It was a lot of fun, though it was hard to control. A number of people said it's easier and more fun with two people working together. the Queue is adorable! There's the mirror with the road that McQueen looked at himself after he got his white walls. There's 4 cork boards of different events we know form the movies (Including Luigi and Guito in Italy for the Grand Prix, that was adorable because you could see Guito in the corner of every picture). There's "tires" everywhere, and a big display of the white walls.

I had to say I loved Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. I've had a lot of people say they didn't like the way it jerked you around, but Wendy and I expected it and leaned into it to control how hard it swing us around. But we'e the nerds who do that with The Lady Bug ride in Bugs Land. It was actually my favorite ride.

We finally got to go on Radiator Springs Racers. We went on the single rider line to save some time but ended up in the same car anyway. It was so well down. You start up going through Radiator Canyon where you can see the bridge and waterfall McQueen and Sally drove past and if you look real close, you can see wheel well hotel in the side of the rock. After you go inside where you run into Sheriff and Mater. A littler further and Mater takes you tractor tipping. Finally you're in Radiator Springs before going into Luigi's or Ramones (I got to go to Ramone's. I love Ramone and Flo, but the smell of 'fresh paint' was less than appealing.) AFter that you're paired up with another car and race through the rest of Carburator County. From what I've heard there is not pre-determination cars who will win. It doesn't matter if you go to Luigi's or Ramone's. It's a lot of fun and is actually quite long, but as any major ride, I'm sure it'll be down a lot during the first year while they work out the kinks of making sure everything runs smoothly (You'd be surprised at how many little things could go wrong that Disney considers critical. if you ride Pinocchio, they will shut down the ride of the seas gulls don't fly correctly towards the end of the ride before Monstro. I'm sure with spray and tires and tractor tipping and talking cars, there's a lot that can not be in-sync)

We also ate at the Cozy Cone which was freaking awesome. The drinks were delicious and the food was scrumptious. We got our pictures taken with McQueen and Mater, and when it got dark we saw DJ the car doing a little show with the waitresses from Flo's cafe. It was justa lot of fun. There was a lot going on everywhere and little things to look for (like the street lamp that really is slower every third light).

I probably won't be going back until September. I don't do crowds very well, so I will probably wait until after school is back in session to go again. It was totally worth it though and I can't wait to eat at Flos', as well as finally be able to walk around DCA without all the walls!!