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Title: Yes
Words: 501
Rating: PG
Pairing: Klainofsky
Warnings/Spoilers: Polygamy. I don't know if anyone has issues with this, but it's there.
Summary: A simple flash into the future with our three favorite men. Based off this wonderful drawing by joannazoe on tumblr.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any of it's characters. if I did, I wouldn't have to wait more than a month to see Dave Karofsky on my TV screen.


Can one person be truly and fully in love with two people at the same time? Can that really work out? A study was done, with all of the social networking sites and “friends” online, that the average human only has the emotional capacity to handle 2-5 close friends again. But what about lovers? In reality, a couple should be best friends. Two people spending their lives together have to have more than just a sexual appetite for one another. But why not more than one?

He’d heard the question before. From friends and from family alike, how could he live with two men, completely different, but really, a lot alike than most people realized? He stopped trying to explain it years ago. He was an adult and he could do as he pleased.

They pleased him.

Early on, it’d been odd. They were all competing for one another’s attention. There was this young testosterone that flowed through them that caused a lot of tension. Just experimenting boys who couldn’t make up their minds, who all assumed their odd understanding would dissolve and all three would move on. Maybe stay friends, but just keep everything in the past. And here they were: adults, living normal lives. Kurt was a music and dance teacher in an after school studio, Dave worked as a political analysis at a local Newspaper and Blaine had opened a small music shop where he also sometimes gave lessons. They owned a large home in Maryland where their closest neighbors were nearly a quarter mile away.

In the evening, when all three men were home and relaxing, there was a comfort that couldn’t be had with only two of them. Kurt and Dave talked politics, Dave and Blaine talked sports, while Blaine and Kurt finished it up, talking about music and entertainment. That wasn’t how it always worked, their conversations overlapped and entwined, but it’s what made it work for them.

The best part about it all was when they were simply quiet and watching TV together. Kurt couldn’t ever explain how happy it made him in those moments when the three were arranged in the living room. Blaine would be half asleep, his head in Dave’s laps while Kurt sits on the floor with his weight on the larger mans leg. Kurt would wrap an arm around a leg and sporadically rub the hairy skin absentmindedly. Blaine would have an arm dangling off the couch, his hand laid across Kurt’s chest. Dave would rub Blaine’s back, lulling the smallest man to sleep.

And when Kurt looks up, Dave has finally fallen asleep, his hand still resting at the small of Blaine’s back. He’d smile to himself, not sure how he could feel so much love all at once, and he’d watch them for a moment longer before finally getting two blankets from the hall closet and letting them rest.

Can one person be truly and fully in love with two people at the same time? Yes.