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Title: Savior
Words: 489
Rating: PG-13 for cussing
Pairing: Kurtofsky
Spoilers: NBK I guess. Pretty much canon.
Warning: It's just drabble. Random thoughts without much of a plot.
Summary: Based off a mix of 'Savor" by Rise Against and this wonderful drawing.

All they did was fight. How the hell could a couple fight this much? It was frightening at times, the way one’d find those low blows that would bring the other crumbling to the ground; the memories of years past that were forgotten, or repeating words that had been forgiven.

“Why? Why do you have to bring that up? It was a fucking decade ago.” His face was bright red, maybe from anger, or maybe from holding his breath while trying to hold back words and tears from flowing free. He glowered down at the other, oddly reminiscent of a time when he wasn’t nearly as sure of himself.

Blue eyes stared back, angry and bitter. “Because it happened.” He stormed away without another word.


He was packing. He was ready to move the fuck out and never look back on this relationship that should have ended before it even began. There were times when he looked back and wondered how it’d gotten this far. How he’d fallen in love and spent his life only to have everything crumble around him with a few well-placed words of anger and hatred.

“What are you doing?” The soft angelic voice filtered in from the doorway. He looked over at the slighter man whose eyes were red and wide with fear.

“Leaving.” He threw a few shirts at his luggage for good measure. “I’m obviously not wanted here.” Finally he turned fully, his arms cross over his chest in a defensive stance. He’d mentally, and now physically, closed himself off from his partner.

The brunette stepped closer, reaching out slightly and then holding his hand back to his side. “You are.”

“You hate me.”

“I don’t hate you.” And there were the tears rising up that always made him break from his hard stance. There was one thing he couldn’t stand, and that was to see the only person who’d ever loved him cry.

A sigh broke from his lips and his arms fall to his sides, the walls he’d built up so quickly from their fight were crumbling like every time before. One large foot in front of the other, it was only four steps before their arms were entangled with each other, tears falling from blue eyes onto new cotton t-shirt.

“Kurt, you can’t keep doing this to me.” His words were clear, if slightly muffled from the other mans hair against his mouth. “You can’t assume that everything goes back to what I did when I was a kid.” He pulled back and looked at the crystal eyes he’d fallen for so long ago.

He was clinging to him again, snuggling his head into the others chest. “I don’t hate you, David. It just feels like sometimes you still need saving from yourself.” The tears were flowing freely at this point and he refused to be moved from his embrace of his significant other.

“I could never hate you.”